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Here's JLP's 50th Anniversary Can AM Corvette !

Here's the Awesome Can AM Vette posing for it's picture on a clear day

This Vette gives a whole new meaning to the word Pristine..

Lily White and Maroon make for a bright smashing contrast. A total Standout.
This entire car is lubed and preserved all around with USA Fluid Brand
It's stored in a regular garage only several miles from the Atlantic Ocean.
Check the USAGES page for the different things people are using it on.

The mill is a big boss ZZ465+ crate motor.
No expense was spared.
Total Stainless lines and high end connections.
This engine is custom built and blueprinted by
Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet out of Lubbock, TX.

The Glamor Shot puts it all together.

Here's the History on this amazing Vette:
  • The car: 1975 Corvette Can Am
  • Built by: Zaino Brothers of Brooklyn, NY (no longer in business) in 1977.
  • It is painted with "House Of Kolors" Candy Apple Brandywine over a Gold base with Diamond Dust in the clear.
  • Equipped with a ZZ465+ crate motor built by Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet out of Lubbock, TX.
  • Tremek 5 speed transmission,
  • Roll Bar
  • Door swing outs
  • Lambo doors
  • In your face gages.

This is the first Ecklers Can Am that was built outside of Ralph Eckler's shop in Florida. Owned for nearly 35 Years, since 1976 and enjoy going to car shows with my son Matt.

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