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Facts About StrongArm Brand

The innovationists behind StrongArm Brand were the first in the world to develop all these multipurpose applications for one product over two decades ago. "You Can't use that on those things.." was the belief of others at that time. The process started with other products, and many others have since copied all the usages, descriptions and unique spraying concepts which have been pioneered and embodied in StrongArm Brand over time. It is not a foam.  StrongArm Brand products outperform high quality industrial lube lines and single purpose sprays, saving the time and money from having to purchase so many other different and expensive individual function items.

All of the individual proprietary compounds and lubricant components in StrongArm Brand Products are custom designed and fabricated in a laboratory.

The chemical engineers that assemble StrongArmBrand into production also design, test and produce the high quality paints used by Harley Davidson and American auto makers.

Understand that StrongArmBrand is NOT a hair spray nozzle like the inexpensive sprays with a cheap low price. Why do mechanics in a shop have to have a penetrating oil with a hair spray nozzle? Because the companies making them want to use the cheapest possible items in production, that's why.

How can Farmers, Mechanics and Repairmen working outdoors properly apply a product with a hair spray nozzle? THEY CAN'T! The spray blows into the wind and becomes pollution into the environment and is wasted money!

That's ignorance in it's highest form.

Billions of spray cans with this inferior spray concept are now being produced causing waste in this manner, resulting in an industrial waste of millions of dollars; with thousands of tons of propellent and chemicals being over released into the atmosphere every year; ALL unnecessarily. The environmentally conscious innovationists behind StrongArm Brand Products are on a mission to correct this injustice of overcharging  for inferiority and the premeditated design and production of cans which producte blatant pollution and waste.

StrongArmBrand Products special design performs metering with the lever dispenser structure on the bottle. It can be gently tapped to disperse by the drop and increased to a dribble and then to a straight stream with a long reach that will shoot all the way up into the high tracks on overhead doors in warehouses. This eliminates product waste and environmental pollution. StrongArm Brand innovationists pioneered the usage of this streaming concept into the spraying cans, bottles and caps over 20 years ago during private industrial testing as well as for use by the Army National Guard under a private classified order. Other products now also copy and use this dispensing application concept, but they will not achieve the desired results which are obtained with the StrongArm Brand consistency.

StrongArm Brand is shaped by scientific technique, imagination, and sophisticated computerized innovation.

These techniques shine a new light onto a world of corroding and dying machinery. You enter a world without Rust and Corrosion.

StrongArm Brand is the high tech solution to this age old problem of rust and corrosion. Standing Machinery still rusts and corrodes the same now as it did from the dark ages many hundreds of years ago when Columbus discovered America. StrongArm Brand is the high tech answer like the iPad and iPhone for corrosion and rust prevention.

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