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USA Fluid is Not Just Cycle Friendly.
It's Totally RAGBRAI Friendly

This is the only thing you will ever need for lubing and protecting your cycle for it's life.

You can store it in a lake and it won't rust or corrode.! That's awesome !

Bike and Chain Beflore USA Fluid RejuvinationBike and Chain AFTER USA Fluid Rejuvenation
BEFORE   -----   AFTER
This rusting cycle is now again riding perfectly
after getting a USA Fluid Treatment.
Bearings, Chain, Derailleur and paint, ready for
hundreds of miles and the dip into the Mississippi.

Here's a sample of the teams and RAGBRAI activity as it moved through small town Iowa..

Several Hundred bikes lined each side of the street coming up into the center of town.

Peace in the midst of the storm
Now Here's what it all about - Getting CORN FED IOWA Style..
Sweet Corn KEEPS You Cranking !!
The last of 2,300 ears of Sweet Corn are getting cooked and swallowed up here by cyclists kicking back to the happy and friendly local hospitality, before they make the final stretch onward where they will bed down for the night.

Here's the local vendor who just cooked up 2300 ears of sweet corn
and he's still happy. What a blessing !

Hot afternoon temperatures over 90 degrees with high humidity and low winds require dressing down to cool off after pedaling for 40 miles in the hot sun

Team SPAM members rolled through in full form.

Mad Dog Family is cycling all together.

Team Flamingo Rolls in to town and poses for pictures.
A totally happy exuberant bunch of cyclists !

Wow! With a get up like this, you've no doubt got to be excited.

A RAGBRAI Team even Takes over City Hall !
Cyclists visit the air conditioned Library to check Email on computers and use the wireless Internet access.
Cyclists Mail Letters and obtain postage at the Post Office.

This RAGBRAI.Org Activity is brought to you by USAfluid.Com - where we keep the cycle rolling like new.

USA Fluid Also Prevents Cancer on the bicycle.

with USA Fluid Chrome is Rejuvenated and Preserved

When purchasing, fixing up and restoring old school bikes like this one,
USA Fluid will remove the rust in seconds with a simple bristle brush.

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