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USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm
Taking all The Fight out of it:

Freed Up and Working in Under 15 Minutes.

This transmission is in working condition Now ! It's from little Antique Crosley cars that were on the road back before WWII. There's only One Problem, it sat outside someplace for the past 50 years, and is now completely stuck frozen tight and full of rusty water. Shown below are Time Stamped Photos of the sequence going from stuck to Unstuck where the time each picture is taken is right in the lower right hand corner of the picture. The entire process from start to finish is accomplished within 15 minutes!
Crosley Transmission as it arrived Crosley Transmission as it arrived
The arrival: Here's the transmission as they brought it to the USA Fluid Guys over at a Swap meet to see if The Canned Muscle in Unlimited StrongArm could help.
Applying Unlimited StrongArm into the shifter rod of the Crosley Transmission. Starting at 17:35 on the clock, the process starts as we begin to "hit it with the Liquid Arm" as the saying goes, putting USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm onto the bolts that hold the cover on the transmission, and into the shift lever, all of which are stuck. None of the shafts or levers were movable on this transmission.
Inside of Croslay Transmission all filled with water.
Within three minutes, the shift lever begins to get loose, and the bolts come out easily, and the cover is removed, revealing that this transmission is completly filled with water ! The journals and shifters are all submerged and frozen fast.
Gears inside Crosley Transmission during cleanup
This is the condition of the gears and innards of the transmission as it was opened. The water is poured out, and the inner and lower gears as covered with rust. Note that with USA Fluid there is no gasket damage when the cover is removed. If this gasket had torn up and shredded, the transmission could not have been used until a replacement was found or made.
Applying StrongArm into Crosley Transmission..... Applying StrongArm into Crosley Transmission
Applying StrongArm into the Crosley Transmission. Freeing up Crosley transmission shifter mechanism
Working Gears loose in Crosley Transmission with StrongArm Working Gears loose in Crosley Transmission with StrongArm
Over the next two minutes, the Bottled Muscle in Unlimited StrongArm Penetrating Fluid is now applied into the transmission and onto the cover into the sliders that grab the shifters and work the gears. The shifter lever is then worked and starts to slide the pieces as it becomes loose. The Gears are re sprayed and worked back and forth by hand on the shafts.
Working Frozen Shaft Loose on Crosley Transmission minutes after applying StrongArm Brand Working Frozen Shaft Loose on Crosley Transmission minutes after applying StrongArm Brand
As the looseness increases, the boys get the USA Fluid Guy to go off and find a channelock to grab the shafts and rotate them to get the transmission action in each gear to again function properly.
Reassembling Crosley Transmission After Freeing it up with USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm in under 15 Minutes
With that done, and all the gears and sliders now turning freely by hand, the cover is screwed back on and the shifter lever is used to work the transmission in and out of each gear and the shaft is turned, working the transmission in it's gears. All parts of the transmission are now functional. Their mission is accomplished. All this was done in less then 15 minutes on the clock: From 17:35 to 17:49 - Fourteen Minutes Total Time Elapsed for this.
Crosley Transmission AFTER USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand Products treatment - all parts are now functiona.l
ALL DONE! Here's the can on the transmission after all is done. Less then 1/4 of the can was applied. An antique transmission worth hundreds of dollars brought back to live with a just a few dollars of USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm - With NO Damage to any internal components. USA Fluid Turns Rust into A Joke ! That's why it's known as "Machinery Tonic"

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