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Chrome Wheels Aluminum and Frame Hardware
Abandoned Classic Honda Motorcycle

Restoring and Preserving a motorcycle, with a $1. Investment,
Ratty Looking Iron Horse Motorcycles ??
Is the Gold Wing Tarnished ?

There never was an answer like this before!
USA Fluid is the Unlimited USA Fluid the ultimate the 'Rat Killer'.
Remember: The Rat Dies Daily in the hands of USA Fluid.
We kill the 'rat' and ugly rot that's on and in the bike.
Unlimited USA Fluid Brand is the extreme cleanup experience
giving the most results with the least effort

In the following sequence, Pictures were taken,
Pieces were bristle brushed and some just wiped with a rag.
and More Pictures were then taken.

Just barely enough to wet the surface is all that's used.
The USA Fluid will penetrate into the surface and not run away or disappear.
All that you see here was done with less than ONE OUNCE of USA Fluid.

Starting with this, the chrome rim as the bike sat out rusting away Before USA Fluid.

This is the chrome several seconds after applying USA Fluid and lightly brushing and wiping with a rag. The rust is removed, and the rim will remain like this and not rust up again. Chrome wax and polish is not necessary. WAX GOES DEAD. This coating remains.

This rim will remain like this in storage for years on end.

Note also that USA Fluid will also penetrate into the spoke joints where they go through to the inside of the rim and keep them rust and corrosion free.

The Handlebars before USA Fluid which are ratty and getting rusted up in the usual manner.

The handlebars After USA Fluid and several seconds of light brushing. The chrome and hardware is restored and intact for usage and preservation.

NOTE also, the before and after on the headlight nut and hardware. The right side outlined in red is the way the left outlined in green side looked before wetting with several drops of USA Fluid and several seconds of light brushing. More pictures of of them are shown below also.

This is the ratty before condition of the headlight chrome ring that's rusted and pitting; and also shown is the nut assemblies on the sides of the headlight.

Close-up of the headlight ring After applying USA Fluid and some light brushing. All of the rust around the areas where pitting has started through the chrome are cleaned, and the USA Fluid is now into the pitted spots, and will prevent any further rusting and growth of the pitting from this point on.

The top of the cylinder Before USA Fluid, with the usual Aluminum corrosion and white dusty aluminum oxide that is growing all over the surface.

With just a small amount of USA Fluid Sprayed onto the upper area of the head, the corrosion on the aluminum is immediately erased on those areas. The entire upper part of the head is now no longer oxidized. The are in the green circle was lightly brushed for several seconds with a regular wire brush, with only several ounces of pressure. The area is then wiped and buffed with a clean dry rag, and the aluminum is restored and will remain in this condition for several years on the road and for a decade on a bike that's put away in storage with a collection.

The crankcase Before USA Fluid Brand, showing the corroded aluminum and rusty hardware.

Here the USA Fluid Brand is applied ONLY on the area of the crankcase inside the green circle. You can see under the arrow and lower green line how the corrosion is still there. All that was done here was Spraying on a small amount and wiping it around with a small rag. The USA Fluid instantly penetrates into the aluminum and goes below the oxidation, releasing it from the surface so that it can be just wiped off the surface with grime and dirt. The substance in USA Fluid Brand leaves a preservative treatment on the metal which will not go away.

Here's the close up detail on the headlight nut showing the ratty rusty condition before.

Here's the same nut only a half minute later, after wetting it with USA Fluid and running a hand wire brush over it for a few seconds. The bottled muscle in USA Fluid has instantly gone below the corrosion and rust, and it will stay like this now, and can be worked further and detailed and rest of the rust brushed out.

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